An Email from My Colleague

Due to no clinical pharmacy education and service particularly for Obgyn ward setting in Indonesia, at least not in our hospital (RSSA) as yet, I contacted my colleagues in UK & USA for suggestions how to start clinical pharmacy service. Fortunately, they have kindly agreed to advice me about potential pharmacy services in Obgyn.

Here I am glad to share an email from Dr Mary W Roederer, a pharmacist in the USA who concerns for women’s health.

To start, she has a few ideas, with a focus on the OB side:
• Medications in pregnancy and lactation. Breastfeeding is more common in Indonesia. Provide a safety net to verify the medications are safe and counseling when requested or “needed.”
• Use of antibiotics for Group B strep prophylaxis at delivery
• Use of antibiotics peri-surgically (for c-sections)
• Appropriateness of other antibiotics matched to the presumed infection (ex. Endometritis/chorioamniitis)
• Treatment of DVT/PE peri-partum
• Medications for the treatment of hyperemesis gravidarum

Further mentor, you can contact her on :

Hope this information would be very useful for us who are developing pharmacy service in Obgyn ward.


About Aku Farmasis
A Hospital Staff at Department of Pharmacy, Dr. Saiful Anwar Hospital (RSSA), Malang – Indonesia (2008-present) : • A Secretary of Clinical Pharmacist Team in Antimicrobial Resistance Control Program (2009-present) • Pharmacist at Division of Infection, Department of Pediatrics ( February 2010-present) • Pharmacist at Obstetric Ward, Department of Obstetric and Gynecology (2009-January 2010) • Pharmacist at Division of Infection, Department of Pediatrics (2008-2009) Involved in DFID-DelPHE project (Department for International Development-Development of Partnership in Higher Education), between Faculty of Medicine Brawijaya University (Indonesia) and School of Pharmacy University of London (UK): Clinical Pharmacy Service Development for the Poorer Patients. A Quality Assurance Staff at PT. Ifars Pharm. Lab, Solo (2007) A Junior Pharmacist at Apotek Srii, Sidoarjo (2006)

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